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CN Announces New The Powerpuff Girls DVD Release: The Last Donnycorn

Cartoon Network has just announced a new special DVD release for the iconic animated action comedy series, The Powerpuff Girls. The DVD is titled “The Powerpuff Girls: The Last Donnycorn” and will feature the same titled episode as its lynch pin. The DVD is slated for an August 15, 2017 release on stores.

“The Last Donnycorn” is a 30 minute special that features the titular creature seeking the Powerpuff Girls’ help as he is hunted by a robotic unicorn. After a narrow escape, he also reveals that he has accidentally unleashed evil unicorns that were originally trapped inside a magic mirror. Now these evil unicorns are wreaking havoc on Unicorn Land and it is up to the Powerpuff Girls to set things right.

Aside from The Last Donnycorn, the DVD also contains the following episodes:

“Odd Bubbles Out”
“People Pleaser”
“The Wrinklegruff Girls”
“Presidential Punchout”
“Once Upon a Townsville”
“Blue Ribbon Blues”
“Electric Buttercup”
“Rainy Day”
“The Big Sleep”
“15 Minutes of Fame”

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