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Comedy Central Offers First Glimpse at Moonbeam City

Comedy Central has just released a new video featurette designed to provide a first glimpse at their new mature-audiences animated comedy, Moonbeam City. The series is described as a cop show spoof that focuses on one Detective Dazzle Novak, who is the stereotypical male that lets the contents of his boxers do all the thinking. The show will put Novak at odds with his supervisor Chief Pizzaz Miller, who’s on a futile quest to get the detective to do actual police work.

You can check out the video below:

Moonbeam City is created by Scott Gairdner, exec produced by Olive Bridge Ent.’s Will Gluck and Richard Scwhartz, and will feature the voice of Rob Lowe as Dazzle. The voice cast also features Elizabeth Banks as Pizzaz, Will Forte as Dazzle’s rival Rad Cunningham, and Kate Mara from House of Cards as ambitious rookie Chrysalis Tate.


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