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New Crowd Funding Service for Animated Projects: Anipopo

New Crowd Funding Service for Animated Projects: Anipopo

Now that some people are starting to complain about the oversaturation of animated projects at Kickstarter (especially projects that actually came from large, established companies that could have financed the project on their own), the Japanese/Thai IT service development company Goopa has launched an alternative crowd-funding service called Anipipo, which is targeted exclusively towards animated projects.

The Anipipo website is available in English and Japanese and is being led by Hiroaki Taira, Vincent Sethiwan, Sam Tiyavutiroj and directed by Kentaro Sakakibara of Japanese investment firm Samurai Incubate.

At the moment, the site is is only open for pre-registrations with the service, which is scheduled to launch a fully-functional beta in 2013. English-language users can register at or follow the site’s launch progress via Twitter (@anipipo).

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