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If You Have a Crunchyroll Subscription – You need to ask yourself some questions.

(Note: This essay does not represent the views of Toon Barn)

I think that its time for us who love animation and want to see it live on, need to ask fans – erstwhile users, and the disaffected lovers of the anime genre to come to terms with the truth that is staring right in your faces.

Crunchyroll, Like Most of The Bay Area protectorate of streaming sites and services are no better than Ponzi schemes, and the disappointing thing is that Mr Gao, the CEO of Crunchyroll, Mr Churnin of the Churnin Group which is now funding the site, and many of the Japanese studios concerned about privacy have done themselves, and their Japanese fanbase and American fanbase a huge disservice by promoting Crunchyroll over say Toonami.

Crunchyroll fans may not see it that way, but that the point. They as a fanbase – just like certain folks in the gaming industry that dont like women to be dressed in certain fashions and to have certain tropes, and certain entries that say they are willing to protect a program that was funded by the military – so they can continue to use the program to do wrong stuff – are all living in a deluded worldview.

The Fact remains that Toonami has been more successful than Crunchyroll ever was and ever will be. Even in the recent interview with the Toonami Faithful Podcast, Jason DeMarco WANTED 4Kids’s Toonzai (and others like it) to succeed, where everybody who was on the Crunchyroll bandwangon wanted Toonzai (and others) to fail.

We had Seventhstyle, a site that mostly focused on the females of the Anime Genre – beat down the narrative Crunchyroll built on its self. But yet the fetid slime that Mr Gao convinced the Japanese producers to use and promote lived on.

Now, we have governmental plans for both net neutrality and the MVPD reconfiguration from making Netflix and other streamers into FCC branded “cable” networks – and Crunchyroll hopes it can be one of those folks.

But it shows that Law in this country is a two tier system.

You can never, ever, ever convince me that Crunchyroll is legit. Not after the way Kim DotCom was treated – no – Crunchyroll did the same EXACT things MegaUpload was accused of doing. They never went after Mr Gao the same way. Because he has become a protected class the day Ventrock decided to give Crunchyroll, its first four million dollars. And who pray tell, is Ventrock? At the time, it was run by the family named the Rockefellers. One of the executives of the company – (last we knew and the last known publicly available information) is the Senator from West Virginia, John Jay Rockefeller. He is in the Commerce Committee, which over sees the FCC (which deals with both the Title II changes planned with the Internet and the Children’s TV Act of 1991 that has been renewed several times.) He also, stated in an argumentative comment back in the mid 2000’s that the Internet is a “problem”. These events and the actions taken by this firm and by the Governmental agencies that turned a blind eye to what Mr Gao did and continues to do, whether he likes the moniker or not, makes him a part of a protected class of people who will never be prosecuted for crimes that would have sent another, less connected and rich man – to prison or pay a fine that he or she can never repay.

So, now that you know that our Government has protected people like Mr Gao that have already broken the Digital Millennium Act of 2000 – the same statues that Kim DotCom is being charged for along with other international laws – what does that say about you paying five dollars a month for what pretty much is a racketeering firm?

People on twitter have the nerve to call Toonami “Illegal”. Which comes when Government selects and chooses which crimes are worse and how our leaders ignore the statues on the books, so they can pass new laws which have the same language – so these leaders can say I put this law into place! This form of ego has filtered down to these folks who saw Crunchyroll successes and wish to be the next one.

This is not only a joke, It is a sham; a shame and a farce.

These folks are the people who allow those that work against culture from thriving exist. It makes the whole gambit of animation look like a ghetto. It keeps the same folks in power, and doesn’t challenge the status quo and gives them more power over other parts of Nerd culture in order to create “Safe Spaces” where none – except for Children (and not in the way the E/I laws say they give it) exist. It gives the voters of the Academy,  “the moral case” but highly immoral racially tinged language when it comes to Animated movies like Kaguya, which they call “two obscure Chinese things that nobody ever freakin’ saw.”  This acerbates the problem, causing more illegality, out of spite.

We now see the result of how fights between the old guard and next generation, men full of vinegar, women full of spite, and those protecting the innocent from those showing the reality of the art form cause illegal actions to become legal, and cause insanity to take place.

Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z in Japan had a similar moment with the same types of shows in the US did in the 1980’s with the drug trade and how it effected the youth when it came to piracy. They both have similar impact. They worked as a TV show, but had very little impact in the larger scheme, because we can take it to the same extremes here folks – the Government of Japan, and the TV industries in Japan, in collusion with the Commerce Department of the US Senate are sadly are supporting the pirating outfit, Crunchyroll, just the same way Our US Government via its clandestine entities facilitated in the trade of Drugs, while using its Educational connections from Peggy Charren on down to lead the industry into  the Children’s TV act of 1991 via that TV show back in 1990 dealing with anti-drugs.

And what pray tell happened since these events?

Drug trade getting worse, drug use in the middle class suburbs getting to record levels.

The United States Millennial Generation being the worst educated first world nation, which means it cannot communicate its feelings, cannot compute out of its morass, and relies on pseudo-conspiracy, and paganism as Christianity to explain why the masses are not getting far enough, and the people to blame on why they are so stupid.

The selective arrests like Kim Dot Com, and not Mr Gao.

The continued treatment of Anime like Kaguya as second class to OUTRIGHT TRASH like the Lego Movie.

You now see what your Crunchyroll subscription go towards. The degradation of the genre you believe you support. You folks never supported the genre, you only supported your own weakness in your minds and bodies. It wasn’t enough that Crunchyroll doesn’t help sell Blu-Rays of these series, only hinders. It doesn’t matter they cheated other pirating firms. It doesn’t matter if Youtube called them out on Crunchyroll’s hypocrisy.

It only matters when others follow Mr Gao’s lead in order to say that Toonami is the illegal streamer. There is the power that you subscribers want. To kick over the ONLY THING THAT KEPT THIS GENRE ALIVE IN THIS COUNTRY. 

But this isn’t surprising. Its a battle that has raged for years. But now all that fighting has made things look worse. The ad men find a way to win and with that, goes everything else.

Thats why all we have left is the memories that were some of the better moments in animation. But memories isnt enough. And as long as Crunchyroll exists, all we going to get is the same type of self-hatred towards the genre itself.  There will never be changes until the truth is told.

Crunchyroll, their executive board, their employees and the VC people that gave and keep giving them money are all criminals. There is nothing, absolutely nothing Crunchyroll can convince me otherwise.

There is a lot to think about. But the time to do something about it is running short.

It is time to come to grips with the true nature of the business. Netflix, Amazon and others need to retrofit and change their streaming business models, and we as fans need to come to grips with the fact that we have bought the lie that we need everything yesterday and sold the lie that we needed unlimited every other thing. Its a form of sadness that explains why the TV business outside of a few shows – is a utter and complete mess, from unwanted censorship of both mind and body, to voice and mannerism from executives on down.

But it starts by admitting that Crunchyroll are just as bad as the pirating firms were.

And that way the genre will get a little of the respect back that it lost.

Its a far, far better fate for Animation than the one we have now.

Its a far better end for those that tried to push animation forward.

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