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Curious Hat Launches Eye Paint Animals

Curious Hat Launches Eye Paint Animals

San Francisco’s Curious Hat has recently launched a new app called Eye Paint Animals, which offers kids the chance to paint with the colors and textures of the real world. Started just last January, Curious Hat develops educational mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

The newest one, Eye Paint Animals, provides children with the chance to create amazing works of art alongside world-renowned artists. Using exploration and their natural sense of ingenuity, children are able to add their personal touch to a wide range of wacky illustrations.

“This is a great way for kids (big ones too) to learn how the colors, textures and forms of their surroundings can be used to create the different colors, textures, and forms of a drawing. This is a truly inspired use of technology and design,” said Scott Singer, digital effects supervisor at Tippett Studio.

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