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Cyber Group’s Tales of Tatonka Makes its Way to China

Cyber Group Studios and Pacific Media Group recently announced that the animated series The Tales of Tatonka has started airing last March 29 on the Chinese free to air channel, CCTV, under a daily airing schedule. The series will also be carried by major digital platforms across China.

The Tales of Tatonka is aimed towards children aged 5 to 7 years old, and its story focuses on four wolf cubs who grew up together as a family under mother nature. The wolves are always aided by their friend, the bison named Tatonka, as they explore the wilderness they have come to call home. The group is further aided by other animal friends such as Cinksi the lynx, Poum the bear, Wahi the squirrel, and Wambli the eagle. Each episode is also framed by a live action segment titled “The World of Tatonka,” which depicts animal life in the wild.

The series is written by Pierre Sissman and directed by Olivier Lelardoux. The Tales of Tatonka has so far garnered multiple awards all over the globe, including a Golden Panda nomination in China and the Best Kids’ Series by Karusel TV in Russia.

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