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DHX’s WildBrain Tapped as Global Manager for Larva TUBA Channel

TUBA n Co.’s has recently appointed DHX Media’s online kids’ net WildBrain as the exclusive global manager for the short-form CG-animated comedy series, Larva. The deal adds yet another notch to WildBrain’s ever-expanding belt of AVOD services.

The deal will see WildBrain managing the Larva TUBA channel, and will see the outfit rely on their expertise in content production and audience development in order to grow the Larva TUBA channel’s global audience, and strengthen TUB n’s relationship with Youtube influencers.

For the uninitiated, Larva is a series of comedy shorts that focus on two sewer-dwelling worms named Red and Yellow, who are entertained and challenged by the various objects and other creatures that enter their world via the pavement grates. The shorts are produced by TUBA n in South Korea, where it airs on pubcaster KBS.

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