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Dino Mecard launches November 23rd in South Korea

The South Korean media franchise Turning Mecard has been exceptionally busy in 2017. Mattel began its western roll-out, a CG reboot launched, a character-focused spinoff debuted, and now it’s time for another! Dino Mecard is set to debut on KBS1 in South Korea on November 23, 2017 at 1:50PM.

A mischievous boy named Na-Young Chan discovers a small living dinosaur in the backside of a village he and his friends play in. While in pursuit of the little dino, Na-Chan discovers a talking mini-car! This is Commander Alkion. Eventually Na-Chan catches up with the little dino, who tells him he’s a Tiny Saur. Na-Chan quickly partners with Alkion to collect and the Tiny Saurs to prevent them from falling into the hands of a mysterious enemy. Can Na-Chan and friends defend the Tiny Saurs in this dinosaur war?

Like the earlier entries in the franchise, Dino Mecard is produced by Heewon Entertainment, Choirock Content Factory, and Sono Kong. The series is planned to run for 52 twenty-two minute episodes.

Sono Kong has kept the Dino Mecard toyline a secret, but plans to reveal it all to the public at the 2017 Turning Mecard Tamer’s Championship taking place on Christmas Eve at the COEX B-Hall building.

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Are you excited to see more from the world of Turning Mecard? Do you like the dinosaur motif, or do you prefer cars? Will you miss Jason, Vandyne, Isabel and the rest of the original’s cast? Leave a comment down below!

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