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Disney Adds a New Princess to its Roster

Disney Adds a New Princess to its Roster

If there’s one thing that Disney has by the truckloads, it’s Princesses. Not by direct intention, but the number of Princesses that they have on their roster, from Snow White to Ariel, to the various ones played by Barbie, Disney has more female royal offsprings than you can shake a stick at. But now, they are going to introduce a new one: Princess Sofia.

Princess Sofia is the lead character in the new animated television movie and series, Sofia the First, and its stories are aimed towards preschool children, which is why Princess Sofia is designed as a little girl, instead of the teenaged or adolescent princess more commonly found in fairy tales.

The stories in Sofia the First are set in a storybook world where the young Sofia tries to live her life as a regular girl, but her mom suddenly marries a king, and so she finds herself whisked off to a glamorous yet confusing castle full of royalty, pomp, and a couple of step siblings – Amber and James. It has been confirmed that the series will also feature guest appearances by classic characters such as Cinderella and the other Disney Princesses.

Sofia the First is scheduled for release in fall 2012 (TV movie) and spring 2013 (TV series) on the Disney channel and its sister channel, Disney Junior.

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