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Disney Animated Named Best iPad App for 2013


The House of Mouse will be ending the year on a high note, as it’s just been one success after the other. Fresh off the recent success of Frozen (as well as being approved for a Chinese theatrical release, which is an achievement in and of itself), their Disney Animated App has just been named by Apple as the iPad app of the year for 2013.

The Disney Animated App was selected as the best app among the other 100,000 entries that were selected out of the Apps that were launched in the App Store this year. The Disney Animated app is a collaborative effort between Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and developer Touch Press. The app is priced at $9.99 and gives fans access to animated character assets, including text, art, sound, images, interviews and interactive activities, spanning all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios history, many previously unavailable to the public.

You can check out the Disney Animated app through iTunes at

Source: Disney Interactive

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