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Disney Brings Back The ZhuZhus on January 7

If you want to greet 2017 with something cute, cuddly and cartoony, Disney Channel has got you covered because they are going to bring Frankie and her pets Pipsqueak, Num Nums, Chunk, and Mr Squiggles back with the premiere of The ZhuZhus as part of their New Year’s Celebration. The series will start running from January 7 to 29, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 AM.

The fuzzy fun begins Sat., Jan. 7 with “Zhu Years Eve” — in which Frankie and the Zhus plan a New Year’s party for the history books, as long as Frankie can stay awake — and “Lookies for Cookies,” in which Squiggles misplaces the family cookie jar in a treasure hunt gone wrong.

Further premieres throughout the month will be “Storming the Cat Castle/Ha Ha Hamsters” (Jan. 8), “Fur-Vivor/Zhuper Girl” (Jan. 14), “Wingin’ It/Friendship Friend-zy” (Jan. 15), “Dreams O’Clock/Badge to the Bone” (Jan. 21), “Full Groan/The Shell Game” (Jan. 22), “If Wishes Were Rainbows/Deja Zhu” (Jan. 28) and “A Total Bust a Move/The Grand ZhuZhu Pets Hotel” (Jan. 29).



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