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Disney Channel Latin America Gets Additional Episodes of 9 Story’s Camp Lakebottom

9 Story Media Group has recently announced that their hit animated comedy series Camp Lakebottom has just been licensed to Disney Channel in Latin America for an additional 13 x 22 episode package. These new episode make up the show’s 3rd season and will be joining 52 half hours that has already aired across the region.

For the uninitiated, Camp Lakebottom focuses on a 12 year old prankster named McGee, who intended to spend an awesome summer at Camp Sunny Smiles but ended up on the old, rundown, and spooky Camp Lakebottom after a wrong turn. However, McGee discovers that Camp Lakebottom is way, way more awesome than he expected.

Besides Latin America, 9 Story has also licensed Camp Lakebottom across the globe, with the show already enjoying support from other international Disney Channels (Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Benelux and MEA, Japan) as well as ABC TV (Australia), Super RTL (Germany), Canal+ Family (France & Africa) and Noga (Israel).

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