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Disney to Launch Art of Frankenweenie Exhibit

Disney to Launch Art of Frankenweenie Exhibit

Walt Disney Studios will be opening a touring exhibit that features the art of Tim Burton’s film Frankenweenie, which is an upcoming stop-motion, animated feature film scheduled for release on October 5, 2012.

The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibit will premiere in Barcelona, Spain at CineEurope, June 18-21 and in the US at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego, California, July 11-15. When the tour is finished, it is estimated that The Art of FrankenWeenie will have reached a total of seven countries, including France, Spain, England, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the US.

The exhibit will allow fans to experience the magic behind the filmmaking process, as well as get an exclusive glimpse into the stop-motion animation process used by visionary filmmaker Tim Burton. The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition will also showcase original sketches drawn by Burton, as well as props, sets, and puppets, completely giving audience a full view of what went on behind the story of the boy who, with the help of science and love for his dog, brought his beloved pet back from the land of the dead.

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