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Disney Launches Frankenweenie Level Pack for Where’s My Water?

Disney Launches Frankenweenie Level Pack for Where’s My Water?

In support of the upcoming Tim Burton stop motion movie, Frankenweenie, Disney has just released the 10 Days of Frankenweenie level pack for their hit mobile game Where’s My Water? For free. Getting its inspiration from the upcoming film, the level pack will feature new black and white levels that combine the film’s look with the feel and gameplay of Where’s My Water?

Players of Where’s My Water? Free will enjoy the new movie themed comic panel as it features Sparky, the reanimated dog from the film, along with the Frankenweenie-styled locked level icons, collectibles, backgrounds, and a ton of various game assets. 10 Days of Frankenweenie will also feature a brand new soundtrack inspired by the film, which consists of a child choir and all new spooky sound effects.

You can download Where’s My Water? Free for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad at: and for Android at

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