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Disney Launches Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Disney Launches Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Disney will be adding a new princess to their roster of beautiful princesses with the debut of Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess on November 18, 7PM on the Disney Channel. The animated movie will serve as a lead in to a regular series scheduled for early 2013. The movie will also get a rebroadcast on November 22 at 9 AM on the Disney Junior Channel.

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess is set in the storybook world of Enchancia, and follows an average girl named Sofia, who finds her life suddenly transformed when her mother marries the king, turning her into the princess, Sofia the First. Throughout the series, Sofia must learn to navigate the extraordinary life of royalty while holding on to her own hopes and dreams. The show will also feature guest appearances from other Disney royalties, such as Cinderella, in order to provide Sofia with words of wisdom.

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