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Disney to Develop Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cartoon

It is no secret that Disney hit the jackpot when they acquired Marvel in 2009, as it gave them rights to a treasure trove of popular (and lucrative!) IPs that are just itching to be adapted into new platforms and formats. A recent announcement reveals that the House of Mouse is developing yet another addition to their library of Marvel cartoons. This time around, it’s for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

For those not in the know, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is comic book series first launched in 2016, revolving around a nine-year old, inhumanly intelligent African American girl named Lunella Lafayette, and a red Tyrannosaurus Rex (which technically predated the series as it first appeared in a 1978 comic titled Devil Dinosaur) that she can swap minds with. The comic is part of Marvel’s publisher-wide shared continuity and mixes humor with their trade mark super heroics.

No details about the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has been revealed yet, though it is said that the project is helmed by Laurence Fishburne and Helen Sugland through Cinema Gypsy Productions and Marvel Animation.

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