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Disney Princess: A Royal Christmas! For iOS

Disney Princess: A Royal Christmas! For iOS

If your young one is currently enamored with an iOS device from apple (whether it’s an iPad, an iPod touch, or an iPhone), a copy of Disney Princess: A Royal Christmas App may be the perfect digital gift for the holidays, especially if you want an educational toy that will not require you to brave the stampede of parents at the toy store. Released by Disney Publishing, Disney Princess: A Royal Christmas will help kids learn about how the three most popular Disney Princesses, Cinderella, Ariel, and Tiana – celebrate the holidays in their own unique and beautiful ways.

Each of the three princesses’ stories comes chock full of interactive fun, such as colorful artwork and “tap and play” animation. The stories also support two different reading modes, such as follow along (the story plays automatically) and read & explore (where the story allows the child to explore, with the story only progressing when the child is ready to continue reading).

The Disney Princess app also comes with bonus activities such as ornament hunt and tree decorating, which promises to give your kid hundreds of hours of educational fun.

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