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Disney Releases Paperman Behind the Scenes Video


Disney and EW have just released a series of progression videos detailing the process behind their animated short film Paperman, which was directed by John Kars and features a nostalgic return to traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, while also embracing the benefits of modern 3D animation techniques.

Paperman is an urban fairy tale that follows a man who it trying to catch the attention of the woman of his dreams via paper airplanes that he launches from his skyscraper office window to hers. The short was made using an in-house software dubbed “Meander,” which allows for a hybrid approach to animation (i.e. characters and backgrounds are handdrawn over an initial digital layer.)

For more on the making of Paperman, watch “Paperclips,” below, a series of behind-the-scenes videos about the making of the short film.

In this clip, Kahrs discusses missed connections:

In this clip, Kahrs discusses drawings:

And in this clip, the director gives some background on the look of the short:


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