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Disney XD’s Motorcity All Revved Up For Canada

Disney XD's Motorcity All Revved Up For Canada

Canada’s Disney XD, which is part of Astral Media, is scheduled to debut the new animated series Motorcity on Canadian screens on Saturday, May 26 at 6:30p. The series will debut as part of the channel’s Drift, Draft, and Drive Marathon, which features automobile and racing themed episodes of their cartoons during the 2pm to 7pm programming blocks.

Motorcity is a car-centric animated series from Chris Prynoski and Titmouse, which focuses on a fictional, futuristic version of Detroit called Detroit Deluxe, in which a new technologically advanced Metropolis has been built over the old city. The entirety of Detroit Deluxe is owned by evil billionaire Abraham Kane, who rules over the city with an iron fist, banning many personal freedoms including the use of automobile transportation. Opposing him is a group of hot-rod riding rebels called the Burners, who are led by young upstart Mike Chilton.

All episodes from the Drift, Draft and Drive marathon will eventually be made available on Disney XD OnDemand, starting on Wednesday, May 29.

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