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Disney’s Lost Oswald Short Surfaces at Telluride

Disney's Lost Oswald Short Surfaces at Telluride
Walt Disney Animation Studios has recently debuted a newly restored digital print of the long lost 1928 Oswald the Rabbit animated short entitled Hungry Hobos at the Telluride Film Festival last September 2.

According to Walt Disney Animation Studios producer/creative director and special projects head Dave Bossert, the film was found in a private film vault in England last 2011, and was then acquired by Disney and has undergone extensive digital restoration the same year.

Hungry Hobos screened at Telluride, Colorado as part of a special program dedicated to animated shorts. The program was presented by leading film historian and restoration expert Serge Bromberg, and includes a sneak peek at Disney’s newest animated short Paperman.

“We were so proud to be able to debut Hungry Hobos at the prestigious Telluride Film Festival, and to have the world renowned film preservationist Serge Bromberg present it to the public for the first time in over half a century,” said Bossert. “Aside from creating innovative new state-of-the-art animated features like Tangled and the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph, and shorts like Paperman, Walt Disney Animation Studios is dedicated to preserving and restoring our film legacy and the art of animation. In restoring Hungry Hobos, we were able to address such issues as warpage, dirt removal, broken sprocket holes, light flicker and film weave. The end result is a highly entertaining and historically important film that is part of our Disney heritage.”

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