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Donald Sutherland’s Martin River Ink Starts Production on Pirate’s Passage

Donald Sutherland’s Martin River Ink Starts Production on Pirate's Passage

The production company started by veteran actor Donald Sutherland has just begun production on a new animated movie titled Pirate’s Passage. The animation duties is being handled by Ottawa’s PIP Animation Service, and the movie itself has been slated to air on Canada via CBC Television.

Pirate’s Passage is based on the critically acclaimed novel by William Gilkerson, which is set in Grey Rocks during the early 1950s, where a centuries-old town on the South Short is considered as a favored port among pirates.

“Pirate’s Passage is a thrillingly exhilarating adventure, a glorious coming-of-age-story, rich in both imagination and history, in perception and truth,” says producer, screenwriter and star Donald Sutherland. “I couldn’t put the book down. It resonated with the clearest image of the man inside every boy’s being that I could imagine. It was life writ true and I knew Jim and Captain Johnson’s marvelous journey had to be seen on screen.”

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