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Doozers Season 2 Greenlit by Hulu

According to a recent announcement, streaming service Hulu has just renewed their first original kids’ series, Doozers, from the Jim Henson Company. This preschool-targeted CG series features characters from Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock property and will be produced and animated by DHX Media, with company heads Lisa Henson and Halle Stannford serving as executive producers for The Jim Henson Co., while Anne Loi and Josh Scherba serve as executive producers on DHX Media’s side.

For the uninitiated, Doozers focuses on the creative and innovative group called the Pod Squad, who bounce from one colorful adventure onto the next in Doozer Creek while instilling in young viewers a fondness for design thinking, environment friendliness, and natural inquisitiveness for the wonders of the world. The first season is already streaming within the Hulu Kids platform and is also airing on Universal Kids (formerly known as Sprout.)

“Doozers has developed an enthusiastic fan base on Hulu, and they’ll soon be back to entertain curious preschoolers with bigger stakes adventures and more exciting inventions,” said Stanford, EVP, Children’s Entertainment, The Jim Henson Co. “Our Pod Squad will be doing what they do best — using their brain power, ingenuity, and enthusiasm to solve any problem small or large. They’ll do everything from saving Doozer Creek from an impending avalanche to finding a way to save a butterfly cocoon that’s fallen from its safe haven. Our Doozers will inspire their fans to put their own ideas into action and have a fantastic time while do-do-doing it!”

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