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Downington Abbey gets animated…for at least 11 minutes.

I really didnt know Arthur was still going – now in its 16th season?!

In the drama-filled “Fountain Abbey,” Muffy finds herself absolutely devastated when she learns her great-great grandmother, Mary Alice, wasn’t royalty at all. She was a common maid — oh, the indignity! However, through reading Mary Alice’s diary, Muffy is transported back in time to the famous English estate where her ancestor worked. There she discovers the surprising story behind her humble roots.

“An abbey in jeopardy, a lady’s maid causing trouble, and the Dowager Countess unimpressed by all,” says Carol Greenwald, senior executive producer of Arthur. “Sound familiar? We hope ‘Fountain Abbey’ will be a show the whole family can enjoy together!”

“PBS is committed to engaging families with content that is educational and entertaining and this new episode of Arthur is no exception,” comments Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager, Children’s Media, PBS. “’Fountain Abbey’ promises to delight not only children, but an entire generation of Arthur fans that grew up with the series and can appreciate the humor and fun of the Downton Abbey-inspired references.”

They did spoofs of Dawson’s Creek, and they also did a very inspired one dealing with Bevis and Butthead – while the Buster spin-off wasn’t with out controversy (the two moms episode), its greatest victory as a franchise was the episode with Fred Rodgers – his last major appearance for PBS.

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