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DQ Entertainment introduces Robin Hood Mischief in Sherwood

DQ Entertainment introduces Robin Hood Mischief in Sherwood

He’s still in green. He’s got the bow and arrow. And, generally speaking, his core motto is still “rob the rich to give to the poor.” But DQ Entertainment promises this Robin Hood will be different from any other! Along with Method Animation, the duo are already behind such hits like Ironman, Little Prince, Peter Pan and others. Now, they’re bringing Robin Hood Mischief in Sherwood to the small screen as brand new take on the classic hero. The CG, 3D, and HD series follows the adventures of a 10 year old Robin Hood, who goes up against the impudent and equally young Prince John, along with his standard cast of merry men, from little John to Maid Marion.

April 5th, 2011 – Cannes, Paris – DQE, the global entertainment production and distribution company today announced the signing of a co-production agreement with France based Method Animation for a new 3D HD series ‘Robin Hood – Mischief in Sherwood’ targeted at children aged 6-9 years.

The Robin Hood production will comprise 52 episodes of 11 minutes each as a 3D stereoscopic CGI series and has an estimated global production budget of €8.5m. The series will be full of humour and is intended to create an entertaining experience that relaunches the iconic hero that is Robin Hood. The audience will be taken on a journey into Sherwood Forest and discover the youthful, early years of Robin.

Tapaas Chakravarti Chairman & CEO of DQE said: “Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves” as he is popularly known is one of the most loved characters in the world. This new series ‘Robin Hood – Mischief in Sherwood’ will be produced as a high quality stereoscopic 3D series and will appeal to kids worldwide bringing out the charm and mischief of our young hero.

This partnership with our own long term co-production partners ‘Method Animation’ will bring to this production the benefit of the synergies that our teams have achieved together with the production of several remarkable series such as Ironman, Little Prince, Little Nick, Skyland, Peterpan and more recently the 3D stereoscopic feature film, the Prodigies, with our sister concern, Onyx Films.”

Aton Soumache, CEO of Method Animation, France said,
“Adapting the legendary Robin Hood is such an exciting and challenging project. This hero is an iconic figure for audiences worldwide and will be adapted for animation to explore what has never been told before: the youth of Robin Hood. We will reboot the story of Robin Hood to create magical entertainment for the whole family specially appealing to kids aged 6-10 years. Watching ‘Mischief in Sherwood’ audiences will discover how he became the legendary Robin Hood’.

About Robin Hood:
‘Mischief in Sherwood’ will follow the adventures of the 10 year old Robin Hood and his friends who are the only ones that dare stand against the silly whims and tantrums of the young Prince John.

Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore. A highly skilled archer and swordsman, he is known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his “Merry Men. The origin of the legend is claimed by some to have stemmed from actual outlaws, or from ballads or tales of outlaws. Several movies have been produced based on the stories of Robin Hood, including the recent live action movie staring Russell Crowe released in 2010.

About DQE
DQE is one of the leading producers of animation, visual effects, game art and live action entertainment content for the global media and entertainment industry. With a workforce of approx 3500 permanent employees and a global client – partner base of over 100 producers, distributors, broadcasters and licensors including Walt Disney Group, Universal Pictures, Nickelodeon Animation Studios Inc., Electronic Arts, Marvel Comics, American Greetings, , BBC Group, M6/ France TV Group / TF-1 – leading broadcasting and Distribution groups from France, ZDF TV and ZDF Enterprises – leading Distributors/ broadcaster and global distributor from Germany, ABC Australia, Al Jazeera – Arabic nations, Disney Channels – Asia, Cartoon Network Group and many more world-wide. DQE has produced/co-produced and distributed iconic brands such as Iron Man – the first 3D animated TV series, Twisted Whiskers, Mikido, Casper, Pinky & Perky, second season of Large Family, third season of Mickey Mouse Club House, First and Second Season of Madagascar TV Series and is now co-producing properties like Little Prince and Little Nick with major international broadcasters and producers. DQE has a library of over 500 hours of international programs for distribution and licensing globally for TV, home entertainment, merchandising and publishing is on fast track.

While several Indian IPs like Mysteries & Feluda, Omkar, Balkand I, II and III with International Broadcasters have had a successful run.
DQE has also announced the development of a series of animated short films for television in collaboration with French production companies Method Animation and MK2. DQE, Method Animation and MK2 announced the production and worldwide distribution and exploitation of an animated version of 104 six-minute episodes inspired by the legendary film icon Charlie Chaplin’s Hollywood films.

DQE has received over 35 awards including EMMY, at several national and international forums fostering creativity and excellence. E & Y Entrepreneur of the Year – 2009 India Awards, The UK Broadcast Awards 2010, Sichuan TV Festival International “Gold Panda” Awards, 11 Emmy nominations and 1 The Emmy Award, administered by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences , USA for Tutenstein Animated production. The Jungle Book produced by DQE has recently been nominated in 5 categories at the cartoons on the bay – Pulcinella awards to be held in Italy in April 2011.

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