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Dream Defenders Goes Live on Hulu


A few months ago, we’ve mentioned that Tiny Island Production’s hit 3D CG animated action series Dream Defenders will be making its way to Hulu. Well, a we’ve just got word that the time has come, and that Dream Defenders has finally been launched on the streaming service, so you can go ahead and check it out for yourself via the following link:

Dream Defenders is a 26 x 30 series that focuses on a pair of 14 year old twins named Zane and Zoey, who serve as the last line of defense against the nightmare monsters from the Dreamworlds, who are coming to life and threatening the real world.

Personally, I can’t provide a first-hand review of the streaming service since I live in one of the countries that Hulu doesn’t support, but considering Hulu’s reputation and the fact that this is an official partnership, it’s safe to say that you’ll be getting one of the best legitimate means of watching the series online.

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