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DreamWorks Animation Acquires Trolls IP

DreamWorks Animation Acquires Trolls IP

DreamWorks Animation has recently acquired the IP for the popular line of Troll merchandise from the Dam Family and Dam Things of Denmark, with the studio planning to reintroduce the franchise to a new generation of kids. The company has assigned Shawn Dennis (American Girl) as head of brand development. Dennis will be in charge of cultivating the franchise.

The announcement regarding DreamWorks Animation’s acquisition of the iconic brand does not provide further details, with the press release only stating that the studio has “big plans” for the franchise, which was originally born in 1959 when Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam carved the first Troll doll for his young daughter, as he was not able to afford a Christmas present. The dolls went one to become a huge craze in the 60s, and experienced resurgence in the 90s.

DreamWorks Animation is now the exclusive worldwide licensor of the Trolls merchandise rights, with the sole exception of its birthplace of Scandinavia where Dam Things will remain the licensor.

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