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DreamWorks Animation brings us the goods

DreamWorks Animation brings us the goods

Five animated movies every two years! That’s the pace that DreamWorks Animation is heading, bringing us tons of great toon-age to the local movie theaters by us. What does this include? Check the detailed schedule after the break … and THEN realize that the movies are also all going to be in 3D as well as 2D! DreamWorks knows its toons!!

2010: How to Train Your Dragon (March 26); Shrek Forever After (May 21); Oobermind (November 5)

2011: Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom (June 3); The Guardians (Fall)

2012: Puss In Boots (March 30); Madagascar 3 (May 25); The Croods (November 2)

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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