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New Ducktales Patch Comes with Quick Cinema Mode and Other Fixes

New Ducktales Patch Comes with Quick Cinema Mode and Other Fixes

A new patch for Wayforward’s DuckTales Remastered has been released yesterday. It should happen automatically when you boot up the game on all platforms (unless you’re playing a pirated version, you naughty little pirate you.) The biggest change contained in the patch is a Quick Cinema mode, which will add a much faster way of skipping the cutscenes (instead of constantly pausing the game and pressing skip scene). Unfortunately, Quick Cinema mode will only show up if you already have one playthrough completed. The cutscenes are not cringeworthy anyway, so deal with it just one time. Scrooge and his nephews are adorable.

There’s also a bunch of smaller fixes in the patch, including a tweak for Scrooge’s Pogo Move, which a lot of players have complained about for being unreliable due to the strict input window. There’s also a bunch of less noticeable bugs crushed like the flashing characters and some areas that crash for certain users.

A North American boxed retail version of Ducktales Remastered is due tomorrow, so the timing of the patch is certainly spot-on.

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