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Dwayne Johnson to Play A Superman-Level Superhero for DC?

It’s already well known that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is keen to play a character for the DC Movie Universe, thanks in part to the actor himself being very vocal about it on his social media accounts. It’s also been previously revealed that he is already in talks with the studio at some point in time. What is not known is exactly which character he is supposed to be playing, if things go according to plan.

However, during a recent interview with Total Film Magazine, Johnson may have provided a teaser as to the status of his talks with DC, as well as a hint as to who he’s playing. He first clarified that it’s going to be someone who has “the power of Superman,” and then clarified that it’s not going to be Green Lantern because even though he would love to be a GL, there’s already a version of the emerald knight cast. He also noted that the character he’s going to play can “throw down.”

Johnson’s final clue was “Just Say the Word, that’s all I’m going to say.” so unless DC has acquired the rights to Kim Possible, we’re betting on the former WWE star either playing Shazam or Black Adam.

The answer might be coming soon, as Johnson also stated that he and DC are going to make a big announcement “very soon.”



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  1. A.Bundy A.Bundy

    the rock would have played an awesome nick fury instead of old man Jackson.

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