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E3 2011: Disneyland Adventures for XBox Kinect

E3 2011: Disneyland Adventures for XBox Kinect

Ahhh Disneyland. The happiest place on Earth. …and on Xbox 360? At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3 2011, Microsoft’s keynote conference confirmed that Disneyland Adventures is coming on the 360 for Kinect. This unique video game lets you have fun and play around in a virtual copy of Disneyland. The entire theme park is duplicated for your (and your avatar’s!) enjoyment. You can stroll around, check out the attractions, and even play mini games with characters like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan! When can you play? Well, truthfully, we don’t know yet, as the release date has yet to become official. But rest assured, soon enough, you can play with your friends at Disneyland, without ever leaving your living room.


Xbox Kinect Disneyland

Kinect Disneyland Adventures box art


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