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The Emperor’s New Groove: 2-Movie Collection Out Now


Last June 11, 2013, Walt Disney has released a trio of Blu-Ray upgrade titles, which includes The Emperor’s New Groove: 2-Movie Collection, which marks the first time Disney fans will get a chance to see one of the studio’s funniest animated comedies with perfect picture and sound.

As its name implies, The Emperor’s New Groove: 2-Movie Collection contains two full length features in one set, namely The Emperor’s New Groove and the 75-minute spin-off Kronk’s New Groove, centers on one of the side characters, fleshing out his backstory.

Despite being plagued by production difficulties and the fact that it wasn’t based on an iconic fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Groove was a massive success back when it was theatrically released in 2000, receiving accolades and getting nominated to various awards. The film follows a self-centered 18-year old emperor of the Inca Empire, who was poisoned by his recently-fired advisor Yzma and her dim-witted henchman Kronk. Fortunately for all people involved, the supposed poison was actually a potion that transformed Kuzco into a Llama instead of killing him.

In what seems to be a throwback to Snow White, Kronk was ordered to dispose of the emperor, but had a change of heart due to being conscience stricken, resulting in a mishap that had Kuzco wandering into a village full of people that he used to treat badly. There, he meets the village elder Pacha, and the two form an uneasy and awkward friendship, while Yzma and Kronk head out to search for the emperor after finding out that he wasn’t really dead.

Kronk’s New Groove focuses on Yzma’s former henchman Kronk (now head chef and Head Delivery Boy of Mudka’s Meat Hut), with a story narrated by Emperor Kuzco. It also features the return of Yzma, who is back to being human but still sports a tail. It deals with an impending visit by Kronk’s father, who always disapproved of his son’s culinary dreams and wanted him to settle down, and Kronk’s plan to find a new wife just so he can appease his papi.

emporers new groove

Considering that there’s two full length movies inside the Blu-Ray, it’s understandable if there’s a dearth of extra content. However, the collection includes two bonus DVDs that pick up he slack as far as bonus content is concerned. It features dated previews, over 12 minutes of deleted scenes, two music clips and several behind the scenes features, including a full length audio commentary.

The Emperor’s New Groove: 2-Movie Collection is out now under the MSRP of $29.99

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