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Evil Dead Animated Poster

Evil Dead Animated Poster

In what seems to be a step-up from Motion Comics, Mondo has just released an animated poster tribute for Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead trilogy. The animated poster is based on an Olly Moss design, made by Ex Mortis Films and directed by Daniel M. Kanemoto, and provides viewers a minute-long journey through the entire trilogy:

If you’re a fan of the films, you’ll recognize a lot of the key parts in the film, but most notable is the trio of the chainsaw, the sentient hand, and the decapitated head. The poster itself serves as nothing more than a teaser, but it’s still quite fun to watch, and actually has a nice depth effect, making it as 3D as you can get without any glasses or headache inducing angles. Honestly, I would watch an animated adaptation of the Evil Dead movies if done in this style.


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