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Family Guys gets 300th episode, extended special

Not many TV shows, animated or otherwise, can say they hit 300 episodes. That’s the landmark Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy is set to hit this Sunday on FOX. Episode 300, “Dog Bites Bear” sees Brian and Stewie get into a friendship-ending fight, while Peter finally meets his idol. It’ll air on FOX at 9 PM.

To mark the occasion, Fox has created a YouTube playlist consisting of a mural painting, some of Peter’s best one-liners and a clip from the new episode:

Additionally, Family Guy is set to do something completely new. An extended-length episode with limited commercial interruption will air on FOX on March 11th. In the “Send in Stewie, Please” episode, Stewie gets sent to the office of his school’s child psychologist, Dr. Cecil Pritchfield (guest voice Sir Ian McKellen), after pushing one of his classmates. During the session, Stewie experiences a series of personal and emotional revelations about himself that fans will not want to miss.

“I think Sir Ian learned a lot from working with me,” noted the youngest Griffin. “And mark my words: he has a bright future in this business.”

Family Guy originally premiered in 1999 and was initially cancelled 2003. The series was then revived in 2005 and has been airing since, for a grand total of 16 seasons. The comedy has seen some wild things over the years. Liam Neeson appeared in the show’s 250th episode.

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