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Finding Dory: Two Supporting Characters Revealed

Here’s a scoop for Finding Nemo fans! Pixar just gave Entertainment Weekly on two supporting characters that will help Dory track down her family in the new movie Finding Dory, the sequel to the successful animation Finding Nemo.
The two whales act like dysfunctional siblings though they are evidently different species. Ty Burrell of Modern Family plays Bailey, a snub-nosed beluga whale while Kaitlin Olson of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia voices Destiny, Bailey’s gigantic whale shark.

According to Olson, her character in the movie is a lot nicer compared to her ‘Sweet Dee’ role in her hit comedy TV show. She adds, “You don’t really see Sweet Dee being sweet, ever. This character is. It was a lot of fun to play that and be vulnerable.”

Pixar reveals Destiny and Bailey play a vital role in helping Dory find her lost family. However, it wouldn’t tell exactly what that really means. Finding Dory hits the theatres June 17, 2016.



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