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First Episode of Flying Witch Petit Short Anime Streamed

The first episode of Flying Witch Petit short anime has started streaming on its official website on Friday. The video shows Makoto and Chito (her cat) are having tea. Though she has good mandrake for her tea, she prepares 3 kinds of tea: dandelion, plantain and horsetail. The cat then asks Makoto which tea possesses magic-strengthening effects and she tells Chito that plantain tea helps in regulating stomach activity, horsetail is for detox and dandelion alleviates fatigue so, all of them can help in strengthening magic since powerful magic can only be produced with a healthy body. Eventually, Makoto wonders if the plants can be eaten raw and when she tries it, she realizes that it tastes like grass.

Flying Witch Petit will debut on April 10 on NTV at 2:25 a.m. and it will also be broadcasted on Aomori Broadcasting as well as in other channels. A cast talk event and an advance screening will be held at Akihabara Gamers on March 19.


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