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WATCH: First Promo Video for Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2

It was recently revealed that the Nintendo 3DS will be getting another Yo-Kai Watch game, namely the sequel to Yo-Kai Watch Busters, dubbed Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2: Treasure Legend Banbaraya. Another important detail revealed about the game is that it will once again come with two versions, Sword and Magnum, and will be released in Japan on December 7. Now, fans get another teaser by way of a new promo video, which you can watch below:

Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2: Treasure Legend Banbaraya’s main gimmick is that it focuses on a treasure-hunting adventure. Aside from that, fans of the Yo-Kai Watch franchise can expect all the nifty things that made them fans of the franchise in the first place. There’s no concrete details about a Western release, but given the popularity of Yo-Kai Watch all over the world, it is pretty much a given and us Western 3DS owners only need to be patient (unless you have a Japanese 3DS, are willing to import, and can read Japanese. In which case you should go ahead and enjoy the Japanese release on December 7.)

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