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Fisher-Price Greenlights New CG Animated Series, Little People

Fisher-Price and its affiliate, HIT Entertainment, have recently announced that they have already entered the pre-production stage on a brand new CG-animated series based on the former’s popular preschool brand, Little People. The show is expected to debut in 2015, and is being produced at HIT Entertainment’s UK content hub. The series will emphasize the power of discovery to inspire imagination, creativity, and thinking skills. Little People marks the first time that Fisher-Price and HIT Entertainment has collaborated on a project since the latter was acquired by Mattel last 2012.

“The Little People brand has been close to the hearts of girls and boys, aged 1-5, around the globe for over five decades, and we look forward to bringing these characters to life and to the screens of viewers globally,” says Michael Carrington, VP Global Content & Executive Producer at HIT. “Keeping true to the Little People brand essence, the content will be fun and engaging; inspiring children to build connections with the world around them to stimulate their imaginations.”


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