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Fox to Develop a Movie based on Wes Ball’s Ruin

Fox to Develop a Movie based on Wes Ball's Ruin

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is currently in talks to develop a full length movie based on Wes Ball’s popular animated sci-fi short Ruin. The project will be developed at McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision under the supervision of Steve Tzirlin, whose past credits include Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The original Ruin short from Ball is set in a post-apocalyptic version of our world, reminiscent of movies like Mad Max and Terminator, featuring an exciting motorcycle chase across the landscape. Wes Ball’s backrground includes stints on HBO and various DVD/Blu Ray featurettes as a graphics designer and vfx artist. Ball will also be part of the Fox adaptation as a co-writer along with T.S. Nowlin. A graduate of Florida State University, Tallahassee, Ball’s 2003 short film A Work in Progress won the Bronze Metal at the Student Academy Awards.

If you haven’t seen Wes Ball’s original “The Ruin” short, here you go:

RUIN from OddBall Animation on Vimeo.

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