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Fox International Launches Billy Bam Bam

Fox International Launches Billy Bam Bam

Fox International Channel’s BabyTV Channel has just launched its new short form CG animated series Billy Bam Bam, which is targeted towards babies and toddlers. Billy Bam Bam (5 minute per episode) aims to encourage children to use their imagination and be more creative during their daily playtime, while also teaching important early social skills such as sharing, cooperation, taking turns, and the importance of friendship.

BabyTV will also feature Billy Bam Bam on their website, where parents can watch the show on their mobile and the BabyTV Online Player. The website will also offer fun activities such as coloring images and wallpapers. Families can watch the new short-form series on line. BabyTV airs in 100+ countries via 600+ affiliate platforms, and in 20 languages, as well as providing its content via VOD, mobile and broadband.

For more info, as well as access to some of the episodes of Billy Bam Bam, you can visit its official webpage at

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