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Freddie Wong Reimagines Super Mario Bros. 3 as a First-Person Platformer


Mirror’s Edge has already proven that first person platforming can work as a stand alone game, but Mirror’s Edge focused on a normal person who can jump and run like a normal person (albeit one who is very athletic and a master of parkour), but what if the character you’re controlling can jump several meters high and can bounce through shells and cannonballs, like Mario? Youtube sensation Freddie Wong’s newest video attempts to answer the question on whether the Super Mario platforming games can work in first person view.

The video features an HD reimagining of a stage in Super Mario Bros. 2, using a 3D engine that Freddie created himself. It is said that the rendering took almost a month using several PCs (a single machine would have taken 50 days to render the video on its own):

It’s certainly good looking, but I get motion sick easily so I wasn’t able to watch all the way to the end.

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