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Nintendo Wii U Giveaway, get yours free!

Nintendo Wii U Giveaway, get yours free!

The Nintendo Wii U. It’s here. It’s awesome. It’s… sold out! But not at, where we’re rewarding our loyal and growing fan base by giving away the brand new Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set for FREE. That’s the black version of the console, with 32GB of built in storage space, a free copy of the hit game NintendoLand, and the amazing new Wii U GamePad. So how can you get your hands on this amazing prize, and your chance to win a FREE Nintendo Wii U? To be eligible, YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL FOUR STEPS:

1) Have a account (free to sign up! JOIN NOW)
2) Leave a comment below with your favorite cartoon
3) “Like” our ToonBarn Facebook page
4) Hit the following “Like” button


For every ONE HUNDRED (100) people that “LIKE” this page, we’ll randomly select a Grand Prize Winner to receive a FREE Black Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set. We’ll randomly select another winners at 200 LIKEs, again at 300, and so on. Each entry carries over to the next Wii U giveaway, and all winners will be contacted directly via email, so you only need to enter once. Visit ToonBarn’s Message Board for updates and info on other giveaways.

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ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. baraksha baraksha

    i real want a wii u cuase i wel only get one when the price go down enough thats in about 3 years and i cant wait that long

    my favorite cartoon :the pinguinms of medagaskar

  2. mysonic123 mysonic123

    My favorite cartoon is:regular show its awesome

  3. leonora l. moraleda leonora l. moraleda

    christmas will be a lot merrier with a nintendo wii!!!

    my fave cartoon character is spongebob.

  4. Camy456 Camy456

    My favorite is spongbob!

  5. joshlacey joshlacey

    Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

  6. Lyndan Lyndan

    Wow, a deluxe?! 😀

    My absolute favorite cartoon is Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

  7. YouHou YouHou

    I have too many favorite cartoons. I’m just going to say Teen Titans.

  8. kamsintx kamsintx

    My Favorite is Dragonball Z

  9. VaDu07 VaDu07

    Fave Cartoon: Family Guy
    Fave Anime: Rurouni Kenshin

  10. baraksha baraksha

    ectualy i favorite cartoon is sonic the hedgehog i sad TPOM becuse i tough you only exept cartoons from your channel and i didnt tough you had sonic

  11. nighthawk1986 nighthawk1986

    My favorite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb.

  12. josetron josetron

    my favorite cartoom is pokemon

  13. aluxray11 aluxray11

    pokemon ofcourse

  14. gerard gerard

    My favorite cartoon is the ultimate spiderman

  15. tweetyscute tweetyscute

    I love Looney Tunes

  16. starbreak100 starbreak100

    pokemon number 1

  17. LucidHalo LucidHalo

    My favourite cartoon is the Rugrats.

  18. amtfun23 amtfun23

    My favorite cartoon is Sailor Moon.

  19. mat13 mat13

    My fav toon is Ben 10 Omniverse

  20. baraksha baraksha

    we need to make this page more nodisable cuse in this rate it well take forever till thair well be 100 like

  21. cha chan 9 cha chan 9


  22. Tnaesha Moses Tnaesha Moses

    I love Adventure time so much so Adventure time is my fav

  23. familyties familyties

    My Fav Toon is Regular Show

  24. jsreed5 jsreed5

    I lurve Regular Show. And of course Mordecai and Rigby are video game nuts. XD

  25. pento6 pento6

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon

    Plz choose me!

  26. nir2020 nir2020

    i love sonic

  27. Superboy606 Superboy606

    My favorite Cartoon is Young Justice

  28. jefry jefry

    i like yugioh

  29. giveaway giveaway

    Futurama for me

  30. JcGrOoVeZ JcGrOoVeZ

    The Regular Show! I love that cartoon.

  31. Dat bac do Dat bac do

    I love pokemon! That is why i want a wii u because i heard that they gonna have a game on it

  32. Jenna Parsons Jenna Parsons

    Pokemon is my favorite cartoon and it has been for years!

  33. Jenna Parsons Jenna Parsons

    south park!

  34. Matthew Smith Matthew Smith

    I just love Family Guy

  35. I would have to say Brickleberry is my newest fav cartoon!! =)

  36. Yoshiblox Yoshiblox

    My favorite cartoon is the orignal Pokemon.

  37. myangelsman09 myangelsman09

    Favorite Cartoon? That’s a tough one, going old school i’d have to say something like Rocko’s Modern Life or Doug, but to be honest i think the truth is just Family Guy or American Dad… Oh wait! Dragonball Z was great, and that good Star Wars Clone thing i saw… oooOOOoo Samurai Jack! hands down, final answer, Samurai Jack. sorry for the rambling.

  38. yellowlabdoggy yellowlabdoggy

    Scooby Doo!

  39. shadenemesis shadenemesis

    futurama all the way!

  40. baraksha baraksha

    please chose me as your first winner im the first one that posted here also im cheking this page everyday to see when it well reach to 100 likes im gonna keep cheking it

  41. linkthedog linkthedog


    Party on Slurms.

    Party on.

  42. nihal shetty nihal shetty

    i like ben 10 omniverse a lot

  43. Sandip Ghosh Sandip Ghosh

    I like Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

  44. ryankiernan ryankiernan

    Adventure Time!

  45. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91


  46. christianmoon christianmoon

    Ben 10 all the way ….done

  47. comicmast comicmast

    Fairy tail

  48. Toonami2013 Toonami2013

    American Dad and Bleach!!!!!

  49. hot pink hot pink

    My favorite cartoon is Winx Club

  50. mrpopit1000 mrpopit1000

    I just sign up and my favorite cartoon is bleach and rugrats

  51. ema ema

    I love Pokémon!

  52. summersidewalk summersidewalk

    i luv Fairy tail go Natsu

  53. edrees123 edrees123

    my favorite cartoon is pokemon he is the best cartoon ever in the whol world universe YAY i cant wait for my free wii u deluxe

  54. edrees123 edrees123


  55. edrees123 edrees123


  56. Boombastic305 Boombastic305

    Ed Edd n Eddy

  57. kips kips


  58. EarthBoundGiygas EarthBoundGiygas

    The best cartoon by far is Naruto, it has such an original plotline, and amazingly written characters.

  59. Cartoonlover234 Cartoonlover234

    Samurai Jack.

  60. madjack madjack

    Ben 10

  61. emogirl13 emogirl13

    Ben 10 is my favorite cartoon of all time!

  62. aaronthunder7 aaronthunder7

    trasformers is awesome

  63. Jose Briceno Jose Briceno

    i love pokemon

  64. Azamus Azamus

    Armored Troopers Votoms

  65. dhcman5454 dhcman5454

    Digimon Adventure

  66. regulartoonlover regulartoonlover

    my favorite cartoon is dragon ball z

  67. Starfan503 Starfan503

    Megaman Upon a Star a original idea from the hit Videogame series megaman

  68. yid12 yid12

    i like regular show

  69. David nikolovski David nikolovski

    tom and jerry

  70. DutchSaboteur DutchSaboteur

    Mah favortie cartoon is SpongeBob squarepants 😀

  71. micebeam micebeam

    My favourite cartoon is that old Sonic the Hedgehog one.

  72. KyleR.Stone KyleR.Stone

    My favorite cartoon is definitely justice league.

  73. javirp31 javirp31

    My favorite cartoon is the first Teen Titans series!

  74. risikatepes risikatepes

    My favorite is Pokemon

  75. panagioths pagonhs panagioths pagonhs

    my favorite cartoon is yu-gi-oh its so cool ( hte first one )

  76. Aison Aison

    Our favorite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb

  77. mrgreat1995 mrgreat1995

    my favorite show is powerpuff girls

  78. Borna Borna

    My favorite show is Pokemon !!

  79. baraksha baraksha

    btw im the first guy that even commented here go to page 1

  80. Pranav Iyer Pranav Iyer

    I love the Pokemon show

  81. micebeam micebeam

    Did someone win this yet?

  82. disturbedRiot disturbedRiot

    Tie between Pokemon and the older, short lived Legend of Zelda cartoon

  83. Giovoni Giovoni

    My favorite cartoon was MTV’s Good Vibes.

  84. veryman veryman


  85. Nicole Nicole

    My favorite cartoon is Chowder! Too bad they cancelled it… 🙁

  86. My favorite cartoon is MLP:FIM! Rarity is so cute…

  87. AlbertWesker458 AlbertWesker458

    When I think back to it, I would have to say I liked the original Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon.

  88. yevette yevette

    I like sonic x and teen titans with the turtles i so ready to wii u deluze set

  89. jbullen jbullen

    My favorite cartoon is Scooby Do

  90. regularorange456 regularorange456

    my favorite cartoon is regular show

  91. katsumichan94 katsumichan94

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is my favorite cartoon!

  92. rbowm031 rbowm031

    my favorite cartoon is TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

  93. rubyporter rubyporter

    Spongebob squarepants

  94. KatieDid KatieDid

    My favorite cartoon is Sonic x!! And will be forever!!<3

  95. Edh123 Edh123

    My favorite cartoon is sonic! he is awesome!

  96. my most really favorite cartoon is Ben 10 Omniverse

  97. Bianca Fritz Bianca Fritz

    I like Adventure Time.

  98. elrishid333 elrishid333

    My favorite cartoon is POKEMON!

  99. DespicableToons DespicableToons

    Favorite Cartoon? Sonic X!

  100. Brentwood James Brentwood James

    Phineas and Ferb for the win

  101. loveangel loveangel

    I like pokemon.

  102. iwantaiphone4snow iwantaiphone4snow


  103. kurohitsuji89 kurohitsuji89

    I like pokemon (the firsts seasons)

  104. Ushio Ushio

    Original Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon are the best.

  105. Crow2010 Crow2010

    My favorite cartoon at the moment is Bleach!

  106. my favorite cartoons are naruto bleach and inuyasha at the moment is

  107. XxsweetgirlxX XxsweetgirlxX

    my favorite cartoon is digimon season 1 & 2

  108. papaattrams papaattrams

    my favourate cartoon is pokemon

  109. Christopher Arnold Christopher Arnold

    Adventure time!!! 🙂

  110. Drcococupcake Drcococupcake

    My favorite cartoon is Adventure time.

  111. linkkoh linkkoh

    Looney toones

  112. Negativeman Negativeman

    Sonic X

  113. speeder1000 speeder1000

    my favorite cartoon is Adventure time.

  114. omgitsdemedoe omgitsdemedoe


  115. Leo Leo

    sailor moon

  116. my name my name


  117. Reid Reid

    Batman the animated series

  118. SkdragoN SkdragoN

    My fave would have to be The Simpsons ^^!

  119. Kunmiester Kunmiester

    My Favorite Is Adventure Time

  120. potatosticker potatosticker

    Invader Zim

  121. Bort Bort

    Fairy Tail has to be the best cartoon out there

  122. Archvile Archvile

    Venture Bros.

  123. simon simon

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon



  125. melia10123 melia10123

    Mine is also Pokémon!!

  126. dgizzyjr08 dgizzyjr08

    I really like The Amazing World of Gumball

  127. trey clayton trey clayton


  128. Max Hoyt Max Hoyt

    avatar the last airbender is my favorite.

  129. Matthew Matthew

    Regular Show is my favorite show

  130. trey_trey_ trey_trey_

    hey i ws the 800th follower ofn the wii u giveaway did i win?

  131. trey_trey_ trey_trey_

    i was the 800th twitter follower

  132. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    “For every ONE HUNDRED (100) people that “LIKE” this page, we’ll randomly select a Grand Prize Winner to receive a FREE Black Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set. We’ll randomly select another winners at 200 LIKEs, again at 300, and so on” For every 100 its a random selection, so no you didnt win, unless they randomly pick you….

  133. trey_trey_ trey_trey_

    when will they pick?

  134. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    I don’t know about that. Sorry.

  135. princepeach princepeach

    Favorite Cartoon Show : American Dad.
    Fave Cartoon Game: Zelda Wind Waker.

  136. Ameer_JSon Ameer_JSon

    My favorite cartoon is Total Drama on Cartoon Network.

  137. Kevin K Kevin K

    My favorite cartoon is Adventure Time because it is ALGEBRAIC!

  138. Crusher2500 Crusher2500


  139. my favorite now a days is the amazing world of gumball (always hitting my sweet spots).
    back a bit it was adventure time.
    and way way way back the original tom and jerry

  140. julayla julayla

    Stephen Universe

  141. kablamo kablamo

    Adventure Time

  142. Nolem C. Nolem C.


  143. Homero890 Homero890


  144. Thomas Thomas


  145. SameviGaming SameviGaming

    My favorite cartoon would have to be Pokemon.

  146. brees3 brees3

    My favorite cartoon is PowerPuff Girls.

  147. Nichole Bebber Nichole Bebber

    Hmmm…. does anime count? It’s Japanese cartoons…. so I would say……… Fullmetal Alchemist. ^_^

  148. coonstrudel coonstrudel

    Charlie brown x3

  149. trishwill trishwill

    I love Pokemon and Teen Titans Go!

  150. minaraye439 minaraye439

    My favorite cartoon is Johnny Bravo.

  151. Rikumaru7 Rikumaru7

    I love Teen Titans!

  152. Luciano Luciano

    My favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry.

  153. nekomasterxd nekomasterxd

    its hero time

  154. PoetryAvenger PoetryAvenger

    Regular Show

  155. qualske99 qualske99

    my favorite cartoon is chowder

  156. dannyg102 dannyg102

    The original Teen Titans cartoon, definitely.

  157. BloodChime BloodChime

    My favorite cartoon is invader Zim

  158. Rashaun468 Rashaun468

    My favorite cartoon would have to be Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens.

  159. Bobicus Bobicus

    My favourite cartoon was and still is Kimposible

  160. Gamasan Gamasan

    I love Adventure time

  161. Rustyrake Rustyrake

    Gotta say Naruto

  162. Swerve Swerve

    Bart Simpson

  163. Brian Brian

    Samurai Jack

  164. Tishero Tishero

    Anime and Cartoons are not the same. and between the two i will like Anime more. But if i had to pick id say the Ben Ten series. great plot,character development. sad it had to end

  165. Hugo Salce Hugo Salce

    My Favorite Is Pokemon xD / Mi Favorita Es Pokémon

  166. Jacob Stulgis Jacob Stulgis

    My favorite cartoon would have to be Fosters Home for Imaginary friends, or Adventure Time!

  167. atron4040 atron4040

    It has to be Regular Show

  168. PoetryAvenger PoetryAvenger

    It’s a toss-up between Regular Show and Steven Universe right now.

  169. KnightWing KnightWing

    My favorite cartoon would be the original Pokemon not the new ones they would never come close to the original IMO

  170. Pandaztacco Pandaztacco

    My favorite cartoon is code name kids next door, I wish they would bring it back

  171. Brian Brian

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

  172. ForTheRighteous ForTheRighteous

    F*cking Adventure Time, that show is B*tchin.

  173. My favorite is Adventure Time and Spongebob Squarepants.

  174. Lizmet Lizmet

    the 7d!!

  175. moyas moyas

    My favorite cartoon is Avatar the last airbender

  176. jordan jordan

    Spongebob Squarepants

  177. elvisshow elvisshow

    I really like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Adventure Time.

  178. theradicalradish theradicalradish

    All time favorite’s gotta be the early episodes of Spongebob.

  179. tracedgod tracedgod

    definately Adventure Time

  180. Maddie Maddie

    My favorite cartoon right now is Ben 10 (All series) 🙂

  181. David David

    My favourite cartoon is the Batman.

  182. allinus123 allinus123

    I enjoy T.A.W.o.G (Amazing World of Gumball

  183. Jakinator178 Jakinator178

    As a college freshman, I love Regular Show (it pulled me back after a 2 year hiatus and I still love it)
    However, I love playing Sly Cooper games (they feel like cartoons) much more

  184. allenpwilliams allenpwilliams

    Ren and Stimpy

  185. bob99999 bob99999

    I like Spongebob

  186. spongebob or tom and jerry

  187. DragonRiderDrake079 DragonRiderDrake079

    Spongebob definitely now GIMME DAT WII U!

  188. jordiarka jordiarka

    One Piece or Pokémon are my favourite ones.

  189. BlazinLaw237 BlazinLaw237

    One can’t simply have just one favorite cartoon, but if I had to choose, it would be Naruto.

  190. Greg Abbott Greg Abbott

    Legend of Korra hands down!

  191. Jaydon28 Jaydon28

    My favorite cartoon is Avatar The Last Airbender! I would enjoy a nintendo Wii U!

  192. iiKontaii iiKontaii

    Gravity Falls is one of my favorite cartoons

  193. Piotr Piotr

    My favorite cartoon is South Park.

  194. oloap oloap

    my favourite cartoon is spongebob

  195. Scrappykid109 Scrappykid109

    My favorite cartoon is probably either Gravity falls or Over The Garden Wall

    Also, I didnt see an end date for this contest, so I really hope it is still going on, so that I will be able to win a Wii U. 😀

  196. sammyabu sammyabu

    i love the wii u i like johnny test

  197. daniels658 daniels658

    i love the wii u and would love to win one my favorite cartoon is prolly avatar

  198. Jason Jason

    Xiaolin Showdown! the bomb

  199. Drakesplash Drakesplash

    My Favorite Cartoon is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

  200. rodge rodge

    My favorite cartoon is fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.

  201. My favorite cartoon is gravity falls I am so happy I found this site so I could win a Wii u

  202. Elias Elias

    Steven Universe

  203. kziebis kziebis

    My favorite show is the simpsons

  204. johnnychoco johnnychoco

    my favorite cartoon is amazing world of gumball

  205. jojo3213 jojo3213

    my favorite cartoon is mixels

  206. Guiltea Guiltea

    My favorite cartoon is Digimon if that counts.

  207. machojumbledcorn machojumbledcorn

    My Favorite cartoon is STEVEN UNIVERSE

  208. notsoasianamerican notsoasianamerican

    Yu-Gi-Oh (original)

  209. darkhand98 darkhand98

    Pokemon mostly but also gumball, and adventure time

  210. My favorite is Fairy Tail. Im using emulators so it will be special for me if you will choose me thaks for the option that you are giving!

  211. auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! you guys did it without me!

  212. jojo123 jojo123

    really Mario

  213. muffin3011 muffin3011

    My favorite cartoon is The Amazing World of Gumball

  214. Angelique Angelique


  215. David David

    My favorite cartoon is pokemon. I hope I win this, my family can’t afford a console so this will be my first step into becoming a good gamer.

  216. Logan Logan


  217. sulthon sulthon

    my favorite of course adventure time

  218. Vicente Vicente

    My favorite Cartoon is Pokemon. ^~^

  219. Vicente Vicente

    My favorite cartoon is Avatar the last airbender 🙂

  220. yaidin yaidin

    My favourite toon was Tom and Jerry, it always made me laugh

  221. Arin Arin

    My favorite cartoon is The Maxx

  222. Ihavenonombre Ihavenonombre


  223. Colbyh Colbyh

    My favorite cartoon is Steven Universe

  224. Ink Ink

    Hi! My favorite one is Dragon Ball.
    I am also hyped for Pokken Tournament but I can’t afford a WiiU, that’s the reason I’m entering. Thank you for the possibility

  225. StealTheNinja StealTheNinja

    My favorite cartoon has to be Adventure Time. That show is the best thing ever.

  226. My Favorite Cartoon Is Pokemon!

  227. xmsman xmsman

    My favorite cartoon has got to be Polemon 🙂

  228. jbachtell1 jbachtell1

    Batman the animated series

  229. Robotkid48 Robotkid48

    defaly sonic the hedgehog

  230. Danniell Hampton Danniell Hampton

    I have always loved Sailor Moon, and Scooby Doo Where are You?

  231. palladidrago palladidrago

    My favorite cartoon is steve universe i live in italy

  232. Joseph Keating Joseph Keating

    My favorite cartoon is probably one piece or hunter x hunter

  233. asaliba asaliba

    Spongebob will always be my favourite

  234. If this counts, definitely Evangelion, the original, not the reboots.

  235. Marc Ortega Marc Ortega

    My favorite cartoon….this is very hard but if I have to pick mabye Goku from Dragon Ball Z series.

  236. Jessica Welser Jessica Welser

    Adventure Time of course.

  237. ConnerVein ConnerVein

    My favorite cartoon is Steven universe

  238. techdog techdog

    Ben 10

  239. My favourite cartoon is The amazing world of Gumball. And I really wanted a Wii U because I really wanna win a giveaway, since I never winned a giveaway ;_;

  240. shaymin_shaman shaymin_shaman

    Favorite has to be the old transformers.

  241. Pento5 Pento5

    Did anyone ever win a Wii U from this? Cause I literally commented like 4 almost 5 years ago and people are still commenting to this day.

  242. Uday Krishna Uday Krishna

    I want a Nintendo Wii U Please I always f=dreamt of having one.Thank You Very Much
    Favourite Cartoon:Pokemon

  243. Isaias Navaro Isaias Navaro

    My favorite cartoon is Naruto it is so intresting between him and sasuke!

  244. rjloudhouse2017 rjloudhouse2017

    My favorite cartoon is ‘The Loud House’, even own the first Season on DVD!

  245. TeamEezy TeamEezy

    My favorite is Danny phantom

  246. Pilar vasquez Pilar vasquez

    Tom and jerry

  247. Alm1217 Alm1217

    Spongebob Squarepants and Pokemon

  248. Armando Zuniga Armando Zuniga


  249. Robert Price Robert Price

    My favorite cartoon is Winks Club.

  250. Carl Carl

    Little Einsteins

  251. ielenul ielenul

    Mario Kart8! 🙂

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