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Funimation and Viz Media's Black Lagoon brings manga to anime

Funimation and Viz Media’s Black Lagoon brings manga to anime

Funimation and Viz Media's Black Lagoon brings manga to anime

Since 2002, Japanese fans have enjoyed Rei Hiroe’s Black Lagoon manga series in vast quantity – so much so that the graphic novel quickly became an animated series. The toon rain for twelve episodes in the first season, and twelve more in season two. With hype still high in demand, a third season is now in production overseas to complete the novel adaptation. Viz Media then stepped in to introduce the English language version, along with Geneon Entertainment and Funimation Entertainment. A team of mercenaries, known as Lagoon Company, smuggles goods around Southeast Asia aboard a large boat named Black Lagoon. To accomplish their tasks, the team takes on a variety of missions, with often over-the-top violent results – which makes for some great animation! While the show grows in cult following, we’ll do our best to get the latest to you. Anyone already a fan?

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