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FX’s Archer Returns in January

FX’s Archer Returns in January

The FX Network has announced the date of the much-awaited return of its popular animated series Archer, setting it as January 17, 2013 at 10 AM. Archer has been nominated for both the Emmy and Annie awards, and boasts of an impressive voice cast that includes the likes of H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer and Chris Parnell. It is also one of FX’s top rating shows, with its 3rd season managing to get over two million viewers per episode compared to its previous season.

In light of its success, it is therefore not surprising that FX didn’t think twice over ordering a fourth season. Additionally, Archer will be a lead in to the new comedy Legit, starring Australian comedian Jim Jeffries.

In other Archer news, people who want to own the series in home video format will be glad to know that the entire season 3 will be made available on Blu Ray and DVD on January 8, 2013. Season 2 is already available.

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