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Ghost Mecard readies spooktacular September debut

Last month, Korean toy manufacturer Sono Kong and media partner Choirock Contents Factory revealed the latest entry in their Mecard franchise. Called Ghost Mecard, the new series is set to launch sometime this September. It’ll be a CG-animated series, like last year’s Turning Mecard R, but this time set in the Mecard Training Institute, a Hogwarts-like academy where Jason and his friends will encounter mystical Mecardimals. With quarter-hour episodes, the goal is to grow deeper bonds with each of these beasts.

The series was formally announced at the Choirock Contents Factory Business Briefing held on July 18th, just prior to that weekend’s Korea Character Licensing Fair. Newspaper IT Chosun attended the event and managed to share some footage of Ghost Mecard:

IT Chosun also snapped two pictures from the next mainline Turning Mecard entry. Choirock and company only teased the new show, so no word yet on the release window or the story. You’ll just have to make do with these two images of Jason and Evan:

If that’s somehow not enough Mecardimal goodness, Choirock also showcased some footage from Dino Mecard The Movie: Tiny Saur Island. The film inspired by the Dino Mecard spinoff is set to hit the Korean big screen this winter. Little is known about the feature, but IT Chosun reports a significant animation upgrade from the television series.

It wasn’t all Mecard for Choirock, though. The company highlighted My Friend Koriri, its new comedic slice-of-life series that launched on SBS last month. There was also a significant amount of attention given to Hello Carbot. Sono Kong and Choirock’s other transforming robot franchise is going through a major growth spurt in 2018. Hello Carbot the Movie: The Cretaceous Period just launched in South Korean cinemas, following the debut of the TV show’s sixth season in April. A new spinoff series, called Hello Carbot Mini, was introduced at the event.

Originally debuting in South Korea in 2015, Turning Mecard quickly became one of the country’s biggest toy brands with kids enjoying the kinetic vehicle transformations. A co-production between Sono Kong, Choirock Contents Factory and Heewon Entertainment, the franchise was conceived in part by Bakugan alumni Atsushi Maekawa. The original series ran for fifty-two episodes and has since inspired a fifty-two episode sequel season, a theatrical film, a side story mini-series (that later turned into a theatrical film), a reboot and a spinoff.

American toy manufacturer Mattel picked up the franchise in 2016 for an international launch and invested significantly in its Korean creators. The series premiered internationally last spring in Australia and Canada, before hitting more markets throughout 2017 and 2018. That includes the United States, where the series is available streaming on YouTube and on TV through KidsClick. Assuming all goes well, Mecard fans have a lot to look forward to.

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