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Gnomon School of Visual Effects Releases EXOIDS

Gnomon School of Visual Effects Releases EXOIDS

Gnomon School of Visual Effects has just released their new animated short film, Exoids. The five and a half minute animated short follows the high-speed adventures of nomadic desert slug Gus Nitrous as he goes on a very important quest to find precious water. His quest starts to take a turn for the worse when he finds himself in the Exoids-occupied city of Los Angeles, leaving him stuck in the middle of a high-speed desert car chase that ends with an epic showdown.

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects used Exoids to prepare their students for their professional careers, effectively giving them the chance to work on projects in a real world studio environment under the guidance of actual industry veterans. The Exoids project in particular gave students the opportunity to try their hand at various production team roles, thus giving them a very valuable form of training and experience, which they can leverage once hey pursue opportunities in the entertainment arts and visual effects industries.

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