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Gorillaz Band to Get its Own Animated Series in 2018

In an interview with, creator Jamie Hewlett revealed that there will be a ten episode animated series based on the band The Gorillaz, with the release date expected to be 2018. Hewlett states that he only directed the first and last episode, with plans to get others to direct the other episodes as doing them all will “kill” him.

As expected, the band members will be portrayed in 2D:

“I think it’s a beautiful style of animation,” says Hewlett. “Everybody does cg now, and it is great when you’re making backgrounds, like environments and landscapes, but not the actual characters. I’m still very much inspired by the work of Chuck Jones, and I love that animation. It’s art. I’d like to keep the characters in that style for the rest of this campaign. So the characters on the show will be 2D, but everything else is up for grabs.”

The news about an animated series is very timely, as The Gorillaz have recently released a new music video for “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House),” which you can view below:

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