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Gormiti – The Lords of Nature for the Nintendo DS

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature
I have to admit that Gormiti’s action puzzler for the Nintendo DS, entitled The Lords of Nature, went past my radar when it first came out. Primarily because it came out during the DS’ twilight, as I am already starting to migrate my handheld gaming to the 3DS. But I recently checked it out while looking for Gormiti related games.


In Gormitti: The Lords of Nature, you take control of the Lords of the Sea, Earth, Air, and Fire and fight it out through the world of Gorm, in order to save the Earth from the evil of Magmion, who is a Gormiti with the power over Lava.

The Lords of Nature is basically a puzzle game with combat mechanics thrown in, which creates an interactive adventure, instead of a straightforward action game. Using the skills of your Gormiti, you can move parts of the environment to solve puzzles, like connecting two pieces of land to form a bridge. The puzzles themselves are not too complicated, which is appropriate given the age group of the gormiti fan base. But unless you’re a hardcore gamer that thrives on difficulty, The Lords of Nature should provide enough of a challenge for short bursts of fun, fitting for a handheld game.

The graphics aren’t really groundbreaking, considering the limitations of the Nintendo DS, but it is decent enough and perfectly captures the environments, characters, and overall feel of the Gormiti show. The added FMVs and animated cut scenes are perfect, and provide more content to tie the game in with the show.

The controls were a bit sluggish, but since the game is easy enough and relies more on puzzle solving than twitch gaming, it shouldn’t detract that much more from the experience.

At the end of the day, videogames based off of licensed products usually just need to please the current fanbase of the franchise. In that sense, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature certainly gets the job done.

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