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Gravity Falls Gets 2nd Season, Subway Promo

Gravity Falls 2nd Season

Fresh off the success of Gravity Falls’ first season, the Disney Channel has just ordered a second helping of Dipper, Mabel, and Uncle Stan’s eerie, mysterious, yet downright hilarious adventures. Additionally, Disney has also partnered with fastfood chain Subway in order to bring Gravity Falls characters and promotional meals to Subway’s “Fresh Fit for Kids Meals throughout the month of August. Under the partnership, each low-fat meal will come with one of six reusable bags containing a specially designed Gravity Falls sticker or window decal.

“Gravity Falls is mystery, comedy and weird all rolled into one unique show – there is nothing else like it,” said Eric Coleman, senior VP of original series at Disney TV Animation. “Alex Hirsch and his team have crafted a show with memorable characters, multi-layered stories, and production values that are rarely seen in television animation.”

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