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Gumdrop Launches on WIGS

Gumdrop Launches on WIGS

A new live-action/CG-animation hybrid short titled Gumdrop has just premiered on WIGS, one of Youtube’s most popular channels for scripted drama. The short focuses on a 27 year old Bulgarian actress named Gumdrop, who has a fondness for the Charleston, a talent for vacuuming, and has starred in several films alongside Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire. The most amazing part, though, is the fact that Gumdrop is a robot.

Gumdrop uses state of the art CG technology courtesy of concept designer Iain McCaig amd art director Venti Hristova. The short follows Gumdrop as she (it?) takes viewers on a quirky look inside a casting room while she auditions for a part and provides anecdotes of her experiences as a robot actress.

To watch more videos, you can visit WIGS’ Youtube channel at

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