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Hanazuki sprouts a new moon flower on Discovery Family

Hasbro’s animated web-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures is about to make its U.S. television debut. After launching early last year on YouTube, the show is set to air on Discovery Family starting December 1st at 1PM. The series will premiere with an hour long broadcast of “A Moonflower is Born/Little Blue Hemka” and “What’s a Chicken Plant?/Slow Sand Rises.” From then on, Hanazuki occupy a half hour Saturday slot at 1PM.

Hanazuki, a spirited young moonflower, is at the center of this bold new galaxy where she embarks on an unpredictable hero’s journey to save her moon from dark forces that threaten to destroy it. Through this adventure, she meets new friends, and discovers a world full of surprises and new feelings, ultimately learning that her ever-changing moods prove to be quite powerful.

Produced by Hasbro Studios in conjunction with animation company Titmouse, Hanazuki is about a new moonflower taking on a mysterious dark force. The vivid characters were inspired by the Amsterdam-based artists Niko Stumpo and Hanneke Metselaar. The first season consists of 27 eleven minute episodes. A second 16-episode season has debuted in select international markets.

While intended as a web-series, Hanazuki has aired on television in multiple territories. Corus Entertainment’s YTV, Teletoon, Cartoon Network Canada and Disney Channel Canada channels aired a special presentation of the series on January 28, 2017. In the United Kingdom, Sony’s Pop started airing the series on March 26th. The British broadcaster debuted the second season on November 19th. New episodes air weekdays at 7:45AM.

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